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12 Shaft Tencel Shawl by Jo-Anne Swain  

Comments / Notes:
This tencel shawl was woven on a 12 shaft Finlandia countermarche loom. Warp is 8/2 Light Mauve Tencel set at 24 e.p.i - weft is 8/2 Black Tencel. It has a plaited fringe and measures 18" X 8ft 5". I used the divisional drafting page to make the draft for this piece.

Threading Draft from Divisional Profile from Divisional Block and Twill Drafts by Handweaving.net Visitors

Threading Draft from Divisional Profile, Tieup: Weber Kunst und Bild Buch, Marx Ziegler, Draft #55872, Threading: Nüzliches Weber-Bild-Buch, Johann Michael Frickinger, Germany, 1740 # 260, Treadling: Nüzliches Weber-Bild-Buch, Johann Michael Frickinger, Germany, 1740 # 260, 12S, 12T       
Pattern Unit Size
      Warp: 168, Weft: 168

Pattern Repeats Shown
      Warp: 2, Weft: 2

Longest Floats
      Warp: 4, Weft: 5

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