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Weaving Draft Archive

This website contains 58902 hand weaving drafts, with more being added often. Each draft includes the standard threading, tieup, treadling, and color drawdown. Drafts can be viewed, printed, and downloaded in WIF format. You can easily share your own drafts with other weavers here using our draft contribution page.

Samples of a few of the drafts on the site are shown below.  You can click on each to go to its detail page.

Page 223, Figure 1, Donat, Franz Large Book of Textile Patterns, 8S, 8T     Page 283, Figure 9, Donat, Franz Large Book of Textile Patterns, 6S, 6T     Gow (R8, G8, R2, B8, R8), Scottish and Other Tartans Collection, 4S, 4T     Page 58, Figure 18, Bindungs-Lexikon für Schaftweberei, Franz Donat, 12S, 28T     Figure 6953, An Album of Textile Designes, Thos. R. Ashenhurst, 16S, 16T    

Handweaving.net Store  

    We offer weaving books from Amazon.com as well as low cost CD-ROMs of many drafts and nearly all of the documents in the Griswold Archive on Weaving, Textiles, Lace, and Related Topics. Our CDs are easy to use and work with any type of computer. These purchases and donations help us to continue freely providing and expanding this site for you!

Griswold Digital Archive of Documents on Hand Weaving, Lace, and Related Topics    

Ralph Griswold's Digital Archive of Documents on Hand Weaving, Lace, and Related Topics is now part of this site! This is a fascinating and useful library of more than 8000 high quality digital reproductions of original works including over 140,000 pages. Any of these works can be obtained with just a few clicks.

Thank you to the Whidbey Weavers Guild!

Handweaving.net recently received a contribution from the Whidbey Weavers Guild to purchase a better server for delivering this website. The new server was installed on August 5, 2010 and makes site faster, more reliable, and able to support more simultaneous visitors.

The Whidbey Weavers Guild is a very active guild with approximately 150 members and is located in Coupeville, Washington, U.S.A. on Whidbey Island, which is also the location from which this website is published.

We wish to express our sincere thanks to this wonderful guild!

A Tale of Two Tie-Ups (And How They Grew) by Paul R. O'Connor is now available in our web store!

He's done it again! Just when you thought you might have heard the last possible word on double weave from Paul O'Connor, he's brought out a new book, and in a new format.

A Tale of Two Tie-Ups (And How They Grew) describes how the two basic double weave tieups grow first to 14 tieups and then to many hundreds of tieups, most of which can be mixed, stirred, shaken, and combined to create color-and-weave effects in double weave on looms with any number of shafts.

This wonderful CD book is chock full of clear illustrations and photos of actual samples woven by Paul, and the text is Paul's usual detailed discussion of what led him down this path.

In addition to the book itself in PDF format, the CD contains WIF files for all the hundreds of possible ways of tying up for color-and-weave effect double weave.

[Description by Ruth Blau]

Weaving Gallery

Be sure to visit our online Weaving Gallery with pictures of items woven from drafts obtained here. We have received some photos of exceptional weaving and encourage you to browse through the gallery! We welcome gallery submissions from all Handweaving.net visitors, so please consider sending pictures of your work for the gallery to inspire others around the world.

The picture at the left from the Gallery shows a beautiful Tencel Beaded Scarf and Matching Purse. It was woven by Jo-Anne Swain in Australia using a draft dated 1677 from Weber Kunst und Bild Buch by Marx Ziegler that was obtained here.

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